The underlying success of all projects ultimately lies with the clarity of scope and strength of requirements.  Often these are thought to be well understood where in reality, insufficient rigour leads to ultimate failure.

At Incus Innovation, we are particularly focused on strong requirements definition, documentation, planning, execution, verification and validation, field deployment and most importantly a strong attention to detail.


With 30 years of product management experience underpinned by professional engineering skills, we truly know how to translate the conceptual bigger picture into structured definition, clear vision of the outcome and absent of ambiguity.  This is provides the bridge between entrepreneurial ideas and the engineering direction to deliver the right outcomes.  Application of effective project management  takes the concept on the journey to reality.

Hands-on Approach

A proven approach to executing projects is to roll up one’s sleeves and become immersed in all aspects of the project.  Engage at all levels, understanding of the technical subject matter and being able to step in and act when needed are key attributes of Incus Innovation.  The ability to present in the board room,  engage with all stakeholders and still “be on the tools” when necessary harnesses the respect & support to succeed.  A philosophy such as this helps ensure a “no surprises” project management methodology.

Skills and Knowledge

Project management equips one with many tools and experience allows one to select the right tool for the job.  Supporting strengths in project management, Incus Innovation draws upon technical expertise in embedded hardware, electronics design, software design, intellectual property, manufacturing, regulatory compliance, quality systems, product development methodology, financial control and commercial acumen.